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    Shenzhen Huajingda electronics CO.,LTD. is professional in producing all series of electronic frequency components, such as ceramic filter, trapper, resonator and discriminator; crystal filter, quartz crystal resonator, crystal oscillators; SAW filter, etc. Both SMD and DIP are available. Our products are widely used in mobile Communications, digital TV, computer peripheral equipment, digital product, GPS and other high-tech products. In addition, our products ,for example, SMD MF ceramic filter and SMD ceramic resonator’s performance are compatible with MURATA’s in Japan, which have very small size, high-performance... More>>>

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  Recently we lanuched new products—SAW FILTER,RESONATOR
  SAW RESONATOR and SAW FILTER hit the market once again
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  The constitute and use of laser crystal
  Crystal terminology translation
  Crystal SERIES - terminology interpretation and application
  CMOS technology breakthrough in the current limit of transis

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